How to retreat from an explosive situation

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To retreat from an explosive situation is not cowardice but a sensible option when tensions are running high and the situation is like a powder keg. It is always prudent to solve the problem peacefully and it takes real courage to walk away from a fight because a rational person knows that fights are not the answers to solving problems. In fact more often than not they aggravate the problem even more. Here are some ways to walk away from a fight gracefully.

A few suggestions

  1. First of all do not go close to the person who is all set to fight you because you do not at any point of time want the other person to launch himself/ herself on you. In such a case you will have to fight to defend yourself and all your good intensions will come to naught.
  2. Next, get the facts straight. Ask the other person why they are set on fighting you and could it be solved by sitting down and discussing it like two sane people.
  3. Be willing to listen and don’t be afraid to admit that you may be wrong if you are. There is no shame in accepting your mistake and apologizing for it.
  4. If things still do not shoe any signs of cooling down then just walk away. Remember the other person may come after you and call you a coward or other names and say negative things about you just to get a reaction from you. Shut your ears to all the name calling and keep walking.


  • Discuss ways to solve the problem. If the person is willing to be led to a chair and reasonably thrash the problem out then do it.


  • Don’t laugh in the face of the other person’s anger. It is the worst thing you could do to antagonize them further and it would signal the end of all peace talks between you.