How to recreate the magic of your grandmother’s christmas for your own children

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To recreate the magic of your grandmother’s christmas for your own children would be a beautiful way of celebrating the holiday season. To show the youngsters how Christmas and other holidays were celebrated in the good old days and letting them enjoy the festivities as they were then is an excellent way of introducing them to the traditional customs of the bygone era. Here are some ideas to help you ring in Christmas and other holidays with pomp and circumstance.

A few suggestions

  1. Invite as many as you can from your family so as to have a big gathering on Christmas. Send out invites beforehand so that every one who wants to come can make plans in time.
  2. Try to have a tree that is real and not one that is brought out of a box. Put carol singing music to allow the festive feeling to permeate the whole house on Christmas Eve itself.
  3. Next get a big box and ask everyone to put their presents for each other in the box, under the tree. Festoon the tree itself with popcorn strings and old family decorations and lots of candy canes and icicles. Let the children watch old Christmas movies on DVD. You must cook food using your mother’s old recipes.
  4. Go to church on Christmas morning (if so inclined) and on returning have every one open their presents together.
  5. The children’s presents can consist of brown paper bags containing an orange, some candy, an old dollar piece and one Christmas decoration.
  6. Use your imagination or search the net to look for similar holiday ideas for other holidays too.


  • Bake decorative cookies and have an old fashioned fruit cake ready.
  • You can get useful gift ideas through searching the flea markets and come up with quaint porcelain dolls and old tea sets.


  • Don’t let things get out of hand and don’t lose your patience.