How to record sound output from your PC

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Most computers have sound output capabilities today. However, few users know that this output can be recorded without actually requiring a microphone, at an excellent quality level. In order to do this, follow these steps:


  1. Disconnect any external device from the Input or Microphone jacks.
  2. Open the Volume Control window by right-clicking on the speaker icon in your system tray and selecting "Open Volume Control". Go to Options, Properties, and select Recording in the window that pops up. Make sure all checkboxes are checked and click OK.
  3. Some new options will appear in the main window. One of the labels above the mixers says "Wave Out Mix". Check the "Select" checkbox next to it, thus selecting Wave Out Mix as a source. Now close the Volume Control window.
  4. Open any application that can record sounds. Windows comes with the Sound Recorder (accessible through Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment) but it lacks many facilities and can only record sounds of limited length. Audacity ( ) is an open-source alternative that works much better.
  5. Now, play the sound you want to record, and, in the recording application, press the Record button.


Make sure that you are actually allowed to record the sounds before doing it. Recording sounds without the owner's (or creator's) consent may be a violation of copyright laws.