How to persuade your parents to buy you something that you want

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To persuade your parents to buy you something that you want without fireworks flying requires skillful handling of the situation. You always do not have enough money to buy what you want even though you need it desperately enough. These are the times when your parents bail you out by chipping in with the balance or buying it outright. The only hitch is to convince them of your need. Here are some helpful hints to guide you.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, be very sure that you really want the thing that you are going to ask your parents to get you. Tell your parents what you want at a time when they are in a good mood or particularly pleased with you. Don’t spring it upon them all of a sudden; build up your case well.
  2. Tell them why you need the particular thing that you want so badly. If your parents refuse try telling them again and if they still refuse try asking them nicely why they are refusing.
  3. If you have some money of your own then you could tell them to give you the balance and if they still don’t seem to se your point then you could ask them to loan the amount to you and promise to pay them back from your allowance every month.
  4. If your parents still think that you have no need for that particular thing then just drop the whole issue and forget about it for a few days.
  5. In the meanwhile be diligent with your school work as well as your share of the housework, if your parents are extra happy with you, maybe next time you ask them they will agree.


  • If they do not seem to get round to your way of thinking forget the whole thing. It is not worth it to make an issue out of something that you could buy by saving up money for a few months.
  • Get a part time job like selling lemonade to earn the money.


  • Don’t create a scene and shout and scream if your folks do not give in to your need. They definitely have a reason and you will be ruining your future chances to get that thing by behaving in a juvenile fashion now.
  • Don’t ever; never steal the money from your parents. Nothing on earth is worth that.