How to persuade your parents to allow you to go dancing at a night club

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To persuade your parents to allow you to go dancing at a night club may not be a simple task to accomplish. Their agreeing to say yes will depend upon a number of variables. The disco should be supervised by adults and the particular night that you are planning to go should be a night when they allow underage people into the night club. So you will have to plan this well in advance and work towards it arduously. Here are some simple guide lines to help you along the way.

A few suggestions

  1. Do not spring this on your parents all of a sudden. Parents hate surprises like this. If you really are set on going then plan ahead and prove that you are worth trusting to be allowed to go.
  2. To be allowed to go to a night club or a disco means that you are almost an adult, so prove that you are by behaving like one. Do your part of the chores around the house, keep your room clean and be pleasant.
  3. Ask your parents for their permission politely and tell them that your friends and you want to go to a disco on such and such night and say that you hope they will have no problems.
  4. Present your case again if they refuse the first time. Refer to it in passing from time to time but be careful about not overdoing it.


  • Tell your parents that most of your friends are going and that they are expecting you to join them.
  • Don’t forget to inform your parents about the event. Tell them that it would be supervised by adults and also that it is a special occasion where adolescents below 18 are also allowed.


  • Don’t hoodwink your parents. If the affair is not above board then opt out of it. Don’t make things difficult for yourself by burning your bridges.