How to perform a drop-knee on a bodyboard

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Performing a drop-knee on a bodyboard is a tricky manoeuvre that risks life and limb for an unstable position. This is a dangerous trick because it necessitates a great deal of control from the rider.


Find yourself an open stretch of wave, and pull yourself to the top edge of your board.

Tuck your knees up beneath you, as tightly as you can, and then swing the waveside leg forward, and put your foot onto the nose of the board.

This should be done in one fluid movement, and with as little weight on the board as possible.

Once your foot is at the nose, let your weight rest on the board, and release your hands. You are now leaning on one knee and one foot. This is the drop-knee.

Steer your board by leaning either into or away from the wave.

When you wish to change position again, first put your hands back, and then slide your foot around. From this angle, it should be easy enough to push yourself back down on the board.


The smaller the fins on your board, the easier it will be to learn this trick. When you are a little experienced, you might like to try it with no fins.

Practice on dry land before you try it on water. The smoother you can make the transition, the more likely you are to remain on the board. You should be fully able to make all the moves before you even think about doing it in the wet.

This is a dangerous trick, and you are moving yourself into an unstable position. Unless you have complete control, and some experience with the body board, do not attempt this trick.