How to overcome the seven year itch

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To Overcome the Seven Year Itch with which many marriages suffer after the initial phase of settling in and having kids, requires hard work by both the partners. By the sixth or the seventh year of marriage the routine of daily living begins to feel more like a torture than a familiar routine. The partners find themselves going through the motions of going to work, coming home, having dinner with the family and going to sleep and then waking up to the same routine the next day. This is a classic case of falling into a rut. Simply wishing for the rut to go away will not make it disappear; rather you have to work hard to get out of it. Since you have only one life it is worthwhile living it to the hilt. Here are some pointers to help you take charge of your life and marriage.

A few suggestions

  1. First step would require you to come to terms with your problem and face it squarely.
  2. Then you need to sit down and talk with your partner about what is happening and discuss ways to overcome it. The children should not be allowed to interrupt you in this important discussion.
  3. Give compliments to each other. This is especially true for the man. Do let your wife know that you still find her attractive after all those years and kids.
  4. Remember how you liked to hug and kiss during the initial years of your marriage. There is no reason to give up physical contact that does not always lead to something more. Both of you should like to touch each other just for the pleasure of it.
  5. Communicate. Don’t just share daily routine problems with each other but get together to talk as friends. It will bring closeness in your marriage.


  • Find some interest outside your home and marriage and pursue it. It will give you joy and confidence and make you more attractive.
  • Find the correct balance between the time you spend as a couple, as a family and apart.


  • Don’t become sloppy with your physical appearance. Take care to dress well and appear attractive to your spouse.
  • Don’t expect the spouse to make all the changes. Instead take charge of your own life.