How to not put your foot in your mouth every time you open it to speak

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To put your foot in your mouth every time you open it to speak may be a difficult task for people who shoot their mouth each time they talk. When they speak they say something that is either horribly embarrassing or something that hurts. The heart of the matter is that they are totally unaware of the havoc they are causing while they are causing it. In fact one almost wishes that such people didn’t speak at all but since that is not possible here are some helpful hints for all of you with the foot and mouth disease.

A few guidelines

  1. Whenever you say something, stop to think what you were going to say, is it appropriate and would it hurt somebody’s feeling or is it in just plain bad taste.
  2. Sometimes you gossip about a friend without realizing the import of not talking behind a person’s back. Remember that what you say, though all in good faith may reach the person whom you are talking about. It may reach the person in a twisted state and cause misunderstanding between you that may take months to unravel.
  3. If you think before you speak or act, you may not speak much to begin with but once you learn to know the difference between good and bad, things will become easy.
  4. You yourself will be able to gauze the difference in people’s attitudes towards you, they will find you much better company you will have more friends and you will become popular.


  • If you think that you need help then ask your very close friends and your family to help you. They could cough or make some other signal to stop you making a fool of yourself.
  • Whenever you yourself become aware that what you are saying is not appropriate then stop immediately and retract your words.


  • Don’t ever talk disparagingly about any religion, caste and creed on social occasions where you are not familiar with every one. Who knows what feathers you might be ruffling, what havoc you might be causing with your unthinking words.