How to mean what you say and to tell the truth

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To mean what you say and to tell the truth may seem easy to some of us but is actually deceptively difficult because many times you say something just to impress others without realizing the import of your words. Then again to mean what you say does not mean that you have to become a revolutionary neither does it mean that you will always be able to keep your word whatever the circumstances then again, it is possible to avoiding hurting others even if you cannot keep your promise. Here are some ways to self discipline and self awareness.

A few helpful hints

  1. Make yourself the promise that you will do your utmost to keep your word. So you will need to practice hard to mean what you say as well as say what you mean. Don’t promise the stars, make a promise that is feasible not one that is improbable. Remember you not only have to make the promise, you have to keep it to.
  2. Sometimes even out loved ones expect things from us that are not physically or emotionally possible. Try not to fall into the trap of showing love by proving your self or lying to get out of a situation when things get too hot to handle.
  3. Think of the situations when you lied. Was there a reason to lie or did you lie just to make the conversation short or more interesting or cover yourself. Try and tell the truth for all the small reasons for which you resort to lies and you will soon find yourself telling the truth for even bigger things.
  4. If you lie without reason or compulsively then you need professional help.


  • Try to be upfront and generally you will succeed in telling the truth. You will discover that telling the truth is much easier (in the long run) than lying.


  • Don’t over do the self discipline bit. In all the self rules that you form try not to use the words ‘always’ or ‘never’ because they are so binding and final. Instead use words like ‘I’ll try’ and ‘I intend to’.