How to manage your iPod using Winamp instead of iTunes

From ArticleWorld

Although many music fans (especially those with larger collections) say that Winamp is lacking some features which could make it at least remotely usable for managing music collections, a lot of users find it hard do move to iTunes after using Winamp. Winamp is surely more straightforward, and less dependent on tags (therefore making it easier to use an untagged collection).

Here is how you can use Winamp to manage your iPod.


  1. Install Winamp first of all. If you have an older computer, it may be better to install an older version
  2. If you have and older version (pre-5.x), you will need the ml_iPod plug-in. Newer versions have iPod support readily available, so you can skip this.
  3. Connect the iPod to your computer. Open the iPod Update program and format it. If you have any information that you need later, you should back it up. It will be erased during formatting.
  4. Now you can use Winamp with your iPod. Adding songs is quite easy: add a song in the library, then right-click on it and send it to the iPod. Removing is equally simple and straightforward.
  5. If you find that Winamp can handle everything, you can safely uninstall iTunes.


You should note that formatting your iPod and using it with Winamp will not make it usable with iTunes anymore, unless you re-format it.