How to make your child interested about computers

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Children are quick learners, and one of the things they will surely need to learn is how to use a computer. However, this is not always a simple task. Children are curious, but if they do not find anything interesting, they move to other experiences.

Here are the steps to take to introduce your child to computers.


  1. Show some interest yourself. Children imitate a lot, so if they see you interested in computers, they will be curious about it.
  2. Show your child something he might like. If you are a computer geek, remember that white letters on a black screen are not always too exciting, especially for those who cannot read. Use big letters, big pictures and many colors.
  3. Computer games are an important key here. Games are simply the most interesting thing for a child. The same goes for games: colourful images, big characters, smiling things.
  4. Some educational software can also be used, but pick well. Ask some advice from a teacher if possible. At this age, bad educational software can teach bad habits.
  5. Try to show your child that the computer can do more than just games. Show shim how he can play movies, for example. Remember that, if he cannot read, he will understand things visually, so be consistent and try not to change your icon theme too often. You may also want to check the How to introduce your child to computer programming article here on ArticleWorld.