How to make up after a fight with your sibling

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To Make up After a Fight with Your Sibling is the most normal reaction and bound to occur sooner or later in all normal sibling relationships. Most children fight with their brothers and sisters till a certain age and this is all a part of growing up. Sibling relationships are a mixture of the sweet and the sour, and there can be no magic recipe for sibling harmony but here are some ideas to help you along the way.

A few suggestions

  1. First, keep parents out of it. Most sibling scraps happen because each would like to be favored by the parents, so if parents are kept out, fights will fizzle out quicker.
  2. Most fights occur due to petty jealousies or other small matters, don’t let small things spoil a perfectly good relationship.
  3. When you feel that things are getting on top of you just leave the room and go elsewhere to sit out the fight for 15-20 minutes. That is all the time required to put things in their correct perspective.
  4. Try to punch pillows and cushions to work off your anger. Another way of doing it is to write down the incident, what you think is your side, then your sibling’s side, and then compare the sides. This should also give you a correct perspective.
  5. Have a talk with your sibling after the fight is over and try to resolve the issue like two mature human beings.


  • Keep communication channels open. After a fight you may end up not speaking for days, which is silly between family members, especially siblings.
  • Remember, your parents are hurting to see you both like this and under a lot of stress and want things to normalize as soon as possible.


  • Don’t carry negative feeling bottled up inside you, talk things over and clear up arguments.
  • Don’t carry tales to your parents; it is a very immature behavior, which neither your parents nor your sibling appreciates.