How to make a time capsule of Christmas memories

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A time capsule is an excellent was to preserve memories that can be shared ten twenty even fifty years from the time you create one.

A good box

  • First, what you will need is a container to put your memories in. A waterproof, fireproof rust resistant box is recommended to insure that the contents of the capsule remain safe.
  • If you have a vacuum sealer, you can put all of your memories in one of the bags and seal them. This will keep them safe and dry for as many years as you keep your Christmas capsule.
  • Call a family meeting and tell everyone what you would like to do.
  • Tell them that you would like their opinion of what you would like to put in the Christmas capsule. Other then food do not discourage any idea your family may have. It is what makes the capsule unique. The idea of a Christmas capsule is all ideas from family make it special.

Everybody in the family has a right to put what they want in the Christmas time capsule. Ask everyone to put one of his or her favorite Christmas memories into the capsule.

What to put in your Christmas capsule

The following are recommended items for a Christmas time capsule.

  • Christmas cards from friends and loved ones.
  • Decorations from the Christmas tree
  • Photographs of Christmas morning
  • The star or angel from the top of the Christmas tree
  • Include a video of Christmas dinner; most of the happiness and laughter is shared around the dinner table.
  • Have everyone who is involved with your Christmas time capsule write a letter of what Christmas means to them, and express what is the most special event of the Christmas that the capsule is made for.