How to make a presentation in front of your whole grade without being self-conscious

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To make a presentation in front of your whole grade without being self-conscious requires confidence and the ability to communicate. As children grow older they become more and more embarrassed at the thought of going up on stage or on to the front of the class to speak. A good way to get over this stage fright is to face it head on i.e. give presentations, make speeches and participate in elocution contests etc. In most cases this fright usually melts away when you step on to the stage and start talking. Then again if you have confidence in your material content you will probably make a good presentation.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, be well prepared with the content. If you are allowed to, then choose a topic or else pick a topic from the list provided which interests you the most. Research the topic well using books, online libraries and encyclopedias. Cull out stuff from that is relevant to what you want to say from all that you have and prepare a presentation.
  2. Your presentation must introduce the subject, talk about what you want to tell people about it and summarize the whole thing in a sentence or two before you finish it off.
  3. Write the speech down and practice speaking it first in front of a mirror then in front of your family and friends. You may have to speak within a time limit so ask someone to time you so that you do not overshoot it.
  4. Write down the main points of your speech on a small card and carry it with you to the podium and refer to it if and when you are stuck. Try not to look at it very frequently or else your speech will lack sincerity and credibility.


  • Be well prepared, it will give you confidence to do well and take away the stage fright.
  • To help yourself overcome self-consciousness pretend you are speaking to a group of friends.


  • Don’t be ill prepared. Practice so well that you can recite the first few lines by reflex or on auto pilot if required.