How to locate someone without paying the earth

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To Locate Someone Without Paying the Earth seems like an impossibility but the effort can be turned into an adventure with a bit of imagination. There may be many reasons for wanting to look for someone; you may want to locate a debtor, a biological parent or a person who has totaled your car. All this sleuthing can become an expensive proposition unless and until you can turn detective yourself. This requires a sense of adventure, loads and loads of common sense, a presence of mind and a generous dollop of luck. Go through the check list below and get set to put on your thinking hat.

A few thumb rules

  1. If you know where the person lived last, but has moved since, address a letter to him at his or her last known address. Several spaces below your return address write, ‘Address Correction Requested. Do Not Forward’. The letter will be returned to you with the new address, if one is on file.
  2. If they have vanished off the face of the earth then prepare a detailed profile of the person based on what you know about them. Write the minutest detail, if they sneeze in a particular manner, put it in. Write about their friends, acquaintances and anybody that you think might have any info.
  3. Write down their other details like the school they attended, the college they went to, their jobs details, likes, dislikes and anything else that you might remember.
  4. There are some things that a person does not think of changing, habits. Habits are too well ingrained in a person’s psyche to shake off easily and sooner or later you can catch the person by the golf club that they have joined or the kind of cigarettes they smoke.
  5. Proceed from one piece of info to the next in a sequential manner and verify the solidity of that piece before you put your weight on it.


  • If you have a recent info then consider that as more solid than one that is a year old and may lead you to a cold trail.
  • Go on the net. The internet has made all this much more accessible and within reach.


  • Don’t lose heart. If you don’t succeed, the first time, try again and then again. Patience will get you want you want sooner or later.