How to locate a house of your dreams

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To Locate a House of Your Dreams can become a very interesting adventure if the whole process is dealt with methodically and systematically. There may be many reasons for wanting to buy a house, you may have recently gotten married or you may have got a raise at work. Maybe you have decided in your heart of hearts that now is the time to settle down and grow roots. Whatever your reason here is a guideline to help you choose a house that you may not regret acquiring.

A few suggestions

  1. There are two factors that you must keep in mind before starting to house hunt. First is the budget that you can play around with and the other is the size of the house that you plan to buy and both these factors are interdependent.
  2. The third factor which might have a bearing on the price of the final purchase is the location of the house. A house in the suburbs may cost a good deal less than one that has a prime location in the heart of town.
  3. Another thing that you must not forget is that a house cannot be bought in the same fashion that you buy groceries. Once the decision has been taken and the transaction is complete there is very little that you can do to retract it. So you must take care to not make any decisions in a hurry – a house that goes back on the market within a very short time will definitely not fetch the same price as it did the first time round, even though it is sound in all its features.
  4. Take into account all your present and future needs (distance from place of work, growing family or safe neighborhood) before clinching a deal. There are, of course, innumerable other factors that will affect the final contract – like schooling facilities, medical services and future development of the area before you agree to sign on the dotted line


  • Go on the internet and browse through different sites that sell homes.
  • Assess your needs – town house, condo, independent house or a country cottage before deciding.


  • Don’t rush yourself or before you know it you will have been handed a lemon that costs you a tidy sum to get rid off.