How to let your parents know about your first kiss

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To Let Your Parents Know About Your First Kiss may require a little tact and a little delicacy on your part but making them your confidant is something that you will feel great about later. If you have been feeling guilty about not telling your parents about that first kiss thinking that they will get mad, here’s how to do it and get away with it without having the world crumble around your ears.

A Few Suggestions

  1. You may not have a choice in such matters but, it is best to tell your mother about the kiss if you are a girl and your father about it if you are a guy. The reactions are less stormy.
  2. Lead up to it step by step, starting by directing the conversation towards love lives in general and your love life in particular.
  3. You may begin by asking your Mom or your Dad about their first kiss and then tell them about yours. Even then don’t go right on and blurt it out but let them know that there is something a little embarrassing that you want to discuss with them. They should then be able to take it in their stride.
  4. If they show signs of getting angry, quickly divert them by asking about their first kiss and how they told their parents about it.


  • Keep your courage and your wits about you.


  • Don’t just throw the information at their head out of the blue, without giving them notice. Instead lead up to it slowly and break it gently, their reaction will, hopefully be also gentle.
  • Don’t let your parents’ reaction spoil your relationship with them, remember they are also reacting to their fears of you growing up and away from them.