How to lend a helping hand on Christmas

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There are people who do not have what you do. Helping the less fortunate who cannot afford to have the family over and get presents for the children. Some do not even have a family. You can be someone who changes that for a certain family or person. Steps

What to do

  • Go to a shelter and ask if you can take a needy family out and bring them back. It does not matter what family.
  • Take them shopping with you and allow them to get a gift for their loved ones. You can take them to a cheap store; it is the thought that counts.
  • Speak to them about their schools, traditions, families, and heritage. Ask them about the shelter and how they feel.
  • Take them out to eat at a local diner or just at McDonalds and allow them to have fun on their Christmas Day.
  • Sit down with the family and sing along to Christmas songs. You can even watch shows on the holiday.
  • Open presents and everyone will thank each other for their generosity.
  • Show the whole family that they are loved and they will show you the same.
  • Bring the family back to the shelter with a memory that will last a lifetime.
  • Knowing what a nice thing you did, treat yourself to something that you have wanted. The family will not be the only ones who respect and cherish what you have done. God will too.
  • Remember that part of the Christmas holiday is good will toward men. Share yourself with those who are alone and you will have a feel better than you ever have before.