How to know the purpose behind a person’s actions

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To know the purpose behind a person’s actions is a good insight to have because it would help guide your own actions. This becomes all the more important when that person’s actions would have a direct or an indirect effect on your actions. If their intentions are friendly then there is no need for concern, but if their objectives are cunning and devious then you need to be on your guard. If you can discern situations where you need to be on guard and learn when someone is playing false, it is for your own good. Here are some pointers.

A few suggestions

  1. Look for changes in people’s behavior before the big night when you are slated to get a promotion. If it becomes deferential it is understandable but if people suddenly start acting too friendly – BEWARE.
  2. Don’t ever be taken in by sales talk especially if you feel that you are being psychologically forced into making the decision to buy something expensive. The sales person is only concerned with making a sale, he/ she might be handing you a lemon and you would not know if you did not research the market first.
  3. Get different estimates and other competitors to market their ware before settling for a deal. A fraudulent person would like to hurry you because their deal is obviously not the best in the market.
  4. Read the deal and the papers (especially the fine print) thoroughly. There may be some hidden clause somewhere which would queer the pitch for you.


  • Discuss situations and outcomes and business deals calmly and clearly. Stress can blur your judgement.


  • Don’t take everything at face value. Your bosom friends and your closest colleagues might not be upfront and might be using you to their advantage.