How to keep your temper at bay

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To Keep Your Temper at Bay requires you to regularly exercise your brain, your body as well as your will power. By itself anger is a normal healthy emotion, it is only when it gets out of hand that it can lead to problems in your professional as well as your private life. In fact uncontrollable anger may lead to many medical problems like hypertension and diabetes and in many cases be the culprit behind heart attacks. We all need to enslave anger before it enslaves us. Here are a few guidelines to help you relax. All the best.

A few suggestions

  1. The old trick of counting till ten does help. Along with closing your eyes and counting, also breathe deeply. Here deeply is the operative word, try and breathe from as low down as you can, shallow breathing that comes from your chest will not be of much help.
  2. You can try and repeat soothing words like ‘relax’ and ‘calm down’ to yourself while you are breathing deeply. Say it again and again till you feel a little emotional.
  3. Another great way to fight your temper is to meditate. Do this not as an immediate remedy (when you are angry) but as a daily routine. Try and empty your mind of all thought and relax and think of some pleasant experience that you had or visualize a peaceful scene (a lake or a green field) for about fifteen minutes each day. You may do this in any posture, sitting or lying down.
  4. Join Yoga classes. Yoga is quite effective in helping to control many emotions that overwhelm us.


  • Leave the place and take a walk or a go for a run till you get your feeling back in control.
  • Get professional help if you think that the above suggestions are not helping.


  • Don’t ever become physical and lash out at the person with whom you are angry, you will up doing irreparable damage.
  • Don’t become abusive and use words that you will regret later. Words can hit as hard as your hands and hurt as much.