How to keep your child away from drugs

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To Keep your Child Away from Drugs should be the single most important agenda that you today as parents of children above 11 must have because drug abuse and drug addiction in children is increasing at an alarming rate. It is a problem of not a particular class of society, of a city, place, economic or ethnic group. It is everywhere and is becoming everybody’s problem. Remember all children are vulnerable to the temptation of drugs. Usually it goes out of control before you can do anything about it. So keep your ears and eyes open and take the help of the following suggestions in doing so.


  1. Remember that children usually follow their family’s example and that they are likely to stay away from drugs if their parents do not use them or have an anti-drug attitude.
  2. Teach you children to be confident about themselves. Children who are confident will generally not experiment with something that they inherently know to be bad.
  3. Create a happy and comfortable home atmosphere, let the children identify their home as their sanctuary. A happy and a secure child rarely needs to express himself/ herself through drugs
  4. Tell your children about peer pressure and drugs, let them know that many habitual users have fallen into the habit by nothing more than just giving into their friends persuasion.


  • Let your children become aware of the dangers of drugs. Go on the net and show your children what can happen to addicts.
  • Operate on bottom line values and teach your children the difference between right and wrong by setting and enforcing rules for behavior.


  • Don’t leave things to chance. Sit down and discuss drugs with your children every few months, it may deter them.
  • Don’t send conflicting signals. Teach your children by setting good examples of honesty and responsibility.