How to help your children be safe

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To help your children be safe should be the foremost priority of most parents in this day and age. Your children are at risk from a multitude of areas, and the more techno-savvy the world is becoming the more the risks to the child, from the electrical cords of various household appliances to the pedophiles roaming the streets to the information highways on the computer, a child is at risk everywhere. You as a parent not only need to protect and guard your child but also warn and forewarn him/ her. Here are some ways of how you can keep your kids safe.

A few suggestions

  1. Explain to your kids how and when to use 911. Ask them to explain it back to you so that you are sure they have understood. This knowledge will not only help reduce their own risk but they also would be able to help their parents if needed.
  2. Always carry a recent photo of your child with you and keep their recent statistics (height, weight etc.) in your wallet. Have some way to check in with them (and they with you) when you are not together and the children are not in school.
  3. Teach them how to get out of home in case of fire and how to contact you.
  4. Keep a list of all their friends with their addresses and phone numbers so that you can reach them fast in case of an emergency.
  5. Be very strict about not trusting strangers when someone comes up to ask your children to help them or go with them etc. Explain that not all strangers are bad but that they should trust their instinct.


  • Trust your children and help them trust you so that they may come to you at the first instance of danger.


  • Don’t allow children to have computers in their rooms, instead place the computer in the family room facing the whole room.
  • Don’t tell the children your credit card numbers or other bank details and explain to them the dangers of letting others know your family secrets.