How to have your grievance attended to successfully

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To have your grievance attended to successfully you need to register proper complaint and be determined to get your rights. There is a difference between getting what you want by making a scene and creating a ruckus and by going about demanding your rights in a civilized manner and through proper channels. When you resort to the former you leave a bad impression but if you handle things in a mature manner then you leave the place with your self respect intact and your integrity unharmed. Here are some pointers on how not to make the common mistakes while having your complaint looked into and sorted out in a dignified manner.

A few suggestions

  1. Start by making a friend. Find an assistant or an employee who seems pleasant and relaxed (you don’t want to seek help from a person who himself/ herself seems in need of help) and introduce yourself. If that person is wearing a name tag then address them by their name and tell them your problem.
  2. Make it so it seems that you are confiding in them. At the outset tell them that you know they are not to blame and had nothing to do with your problem but that you are hoping they can help you out.
  3. Keep the tone of your voice low and speak calmly and quietly. Flailing your arms and stamping your feet will only serve to undermine your cause. The body language has an important role to play in your demeanor.
  4. Ask the person to speak to the manager on your behalf or speak to the manager yourself. If you are already speaking to the manager, keep your voice down and ask them to be fair. It puts them in a sort of an obligatory position to help you out.


  • Smile and be congenial. It may not speed up the situation but it will definitely put the people in your favor.
  • Thank the individual pleasantly for their time and help, whatever the outcome.


  • Don’t get emotional about the situation, remain rational and in control. Giving in to emotions will take away your power to act and take decisions wisely.