How to have pen pals around the globe

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To Have Pen Pals Around the Globe has become comparatively easy in this age of the internet, emails and air travel. Making pen pals world wide and learning about different cultures through writing to pen pals can be one of life’s most rewarding learning experiences. Having pen pals can enrich and enhance your life and let you have friends in places you may never visit. Making just one good friend in another country can transform your life. Go ahead and make new friends by following the suggestions listed below.

A few helpful hints

  1. Start by selecting a country that you would like to have a pen pal from. Make the selection after considering your own interest in that country and your desire to enhance your knowledge about it.
  2. You can search for pen pals in any search engine like Google or Yahoo. Keying in pen pals would return hundreds of sites that only need you to register (sometimes for free) with them to search for a suitable pen pal.
  3. After selecting a likely name (based on age and interests) send an email to the person. You may even select more than one name and make a list of people who are of the same age as yours and share your interests and send emails to all of them.
  4. In your first email, tell the new pal about yourself where you live and what your hobbies and interests are.
  5. Ask them to write to you. They will have your email ID in the mail that you write them but you could still mention your email ID again.
  6. Write back promptly once you get their mail or else they might lose interest.


  • Write to more than one person in the country that you are interested in so that if one person does not write back you still have other contacts.
  • Keep your mails frank and simple and create a new mail ID for writing to pen pals and use only this ID to write pen pal mails. Do this to protect yourself and your family.


  • Don’t boast about money or intelligence or your home and friends to your pen pal. It is not proper.
  • Don’t give out details of your home or address in the initial mails. Get to know your pen pal first before you share such information and even then exercise caution.