How to have a positive relationship

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To have a positive relationship, the first thing that two people need to have for each other is, respect. It is easy to spot a good and a healthy relationship. People who have fun together, trust each other and don’t need to spend all their time together to prove their love may be said to be in a positive relationship. If you have doubts about your relationship or want to strengthen it then you need to follow these simple rules to set it back on track.

A few suggestions

  1. Remember you don’t need to spend each single moment of time with each other to prove togetherness. You can stay apart and have different opinions and philosophy of life and still have a great relationship.
  2. A relationship cannot be healthy if it puts restraints on the persons in the relationship. If one of the partners finds that he/ she has to compromise to be loved and accepted then the relationship needs overhauling.
  3. The most important part in a healthy relationship is that both the partners can listen and talk to one another. Communication and sharing is very important for any relationship to grow and thrive.
  4. Respect and trust are also paramount to a relationship. A relationship based on respect will last a long time.


  • Take responsibility for your actions and for your behavior and learn to say sorry. Making compromises from time to time for the sake of the relationship tests your commitment to it.
  • Learn to enjoy yourself and appreciate the relationship. Don’t take it or your partner for granted, ever.


  • Don’t ever lie to your partner. Lying to each other can erode the very foundation on which a relationship is built.
  • Don’t let any fight or argument interfere with what you feel for each other.