How to have a harmonious home life

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To Have a Harmonious Home Life is a goal that most people aspire to and are willing to make sacrifices for. During times of stress and difficulty, homes become very important in creating a sense of well-being. We look to our homes to provide relief and reprieve so that we can unburden the stresses of the outside world. However, creating a calming home isn’t as easy as it seems, rather it takes a lot of determination and hard work from all the inmates. Here are some helpful suggestions.

A few helpful tips

  1. First and foremost create a home that is visually restful. Keep windows and curtains open so as to see open spaces, paint the walls with calming earth type colors (browns, yellows, and greens) put landscapes on walls that offer perspective and depth.
  2. Be tolerant towards your loved ones; you put up with much more from your friends and colleagues.
  3. Keep communication channels clear. Problems in families primarily arise due to lack of communication.
  4. Give your family members benefit of the doubt and a patient hearing. Patience will serve you well in most cases.
  5. Keep memories alive. Don’t forget how and why you fell in love and the qualities that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Those qualities are still there, you just need to open your eyes and view them.


  • Do your bit of the housework; cleaning up after a meal, vacuuming the carpet or even doing a part of your partner’s share of the work goes a long way in keeping relationships alive.
  • Take short vacations together, if you cannot afford more than the weekend off, then do that; even an afternoon off, playing hooky with your partner is worth the extra work later.


  • Don’t make mountains out of mole hills. Arguing about insignificant things will give birth to major issues
  • Don’t go to sleep without making up after a fight. Going to bed with unresolved issues means a stressful night and a lousy day.