How to find and present a perfect gift

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To Find and Present a Perfect Gift to someone can be great fun but also quite demanding especially if the gift is to be meaningful. If the gift is right then it is plain sailing with hugs and kisses and thank you notes but in case it is wrong be prepared for frosty expressions and polite but put-on smiles. Here are some helpful hints to guide you in the art of gift buying.

A few thumb rules

  1. There is no harm in asking what the gift should be. Surprises are nice but there is no fun in gifting a person a book they already have or music that they do not listen to. Remember surprises last a few minutes but a good gift is for lifetime.
  2. Don’t compromise on quality. It does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on the gift, just that you should buy the best of what you can afford. It is better to present a single perfect long stemmed rose than a dozen wilted orchids.
  3. If it has to be a tradeoff between an expensive gift and a thoughtful one, choose thoughtful gift every time. Take time and select a gift that is according to the taste of the person for whom the gift is meant, it will be appreciated more.
  4. A creative gift is usually appreciated if the person to whom the gift is given is a close family relative or friend. Knitting a scarf for your mother or painting a terracotta pot for a close friend who loves gardening are gifts that will be really valued.


  • Give yourself time. Don’t be in a hurry to choose and be done with it. A gift is a proof of the thoughtfulness that has gone into choosing it.
  • Have fun while you choose the gift, the gift will probably reflect what a good time you had in choosing it and your instincts also work better if you let yourself go.


  • Don’t gift a pet to someone unless they ask for it specifically because pets mean responsibility and commitment and it is not good to foist either on anyone without warning.