How to experience a riot and live to tell the tale

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To experience a riot and live to tell the tale, you would be extremely lucky, especially if you are in a foreign country. South American countries are known for their political instability and everyday riots that accompanies such climate. For a Westerner to be caught in such a situation could quickly turn into a nightmare. There are no survival rules in such situations because they rarely follow a pattern but there is certainly a basic code of conduct that may help if you (God forbid) are ever caught in such a situation.

A few suggestions

  1. If you are in a hotel then remain indoors. Close the windows and stay away from them. Keep a watch on the situation through television and radio news bulletins and if you perceive the situation escalating out of control, make plans to leave as quickly as possible.
  2. Collect only that which is valuable (passports and cash) and that which you can carry on your person. At the utmost carry a small overnight bag. Find out the shortest way to the airport and prepare to leave the building using an exit that is reasonably safe. The safe exit could be a window, a fire escape, the roof or a viaduct.
  3. When you leave the hotel, try to go as part of a group. Terrorists are less likely to attack a group of people than a lone man.
  4. Don’t make a dash for safety. A running man attracts more attention and suspicion than a man who is casually walking, so unless and until you find that your life is threatened do not run.
  5. If you have a car then use the car to get away from the scene of the activity using evasive maneuvers.


  • Be prepared to bargain with whatever you have if you encounter a road block or are stopped by a gang. You may have to use all your cash, and other valuables to purchase your life.
  • If your bid to escape fails (the airports have been taken over by the rebels) find your way to your country’s consulate office and let them take care of the details.


  • Don’t lose your temper and argue, acting dumb and simple would serve your cause better.