How to escape a vicious home environment

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To Escape a Vicious Home Environment may need a lot of guts and will power to accomplish but is perfectly understandable given the circumstances of abuse from parents or spouse or any other family member. It is better to remove yourself from such surroundings before harm is done. Precisely how to go about doing it is enumerated below.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, keep your plans of leaving the house a secret from the members of your home. They are very likely to put a spanner in your works if they find out.
  2. Make a plan and check each of its stage for soundness and feasibility. All your arrangements will come to naught if the plan, at any stage, springs a leak.
  3. Think of a place where you will stay (once you run away) and make sure it is a place where your family member will not think of looking for you.
  4. Also, make a list of people with whom you are likely to stay and warn them in advance of enquiries about your whereabouts that will be made once you disappear.
  5. Include trustworthy people in your plans or at least let them know what you plan to do so that they do not worry unnecessarily.
  6. Let the police also know what you plan to do.
  7. Leave at the beginning of a work day so that your presence is not missed till the end of the day.
  8. You may consider changing your name, the license plates of your car, your bank account number as well as your cell phone number.
  9. Do not let your guard down even at your new place till you are sure that you are safe, which may not be for several months.


  • Be calm and quiet throughout your planning days so as to allay any suspicion.
  • Take the help of domestic violence helpline if you fear for your life


  • Don’t get blackmailed into staying because of some loved pet or child or any other house member.