How to enhance your self image

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To enhance your self image will not be an easy especially if you have been so influenced by other people’s negative criticism of you that you can see nothing good in your physical appearance and your mental capabilities. You may not be an Adonis but that does not give you any right to put yourself down and consider yourself dirt beneath people’s feet. To make any sort of success of your life you need to have self confidence and self confidence is a state of mind. If you think that you are lacking in self esteem then here are some suggestions that might help.

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  1. Assert yourself, especially with a person who you think is violating your rights or ignoring them. Remember you have as much right to your views and opinions as they have to theirs.
  2. Get over your feelings of insecurity when you need to meet people for the first time. This will only happen when you stop considering yourself as a nobody and begin having faith in your capabilities.
  3. Respect yourself. This is very important because this is the very foundation on which your whole character is based. Only when you are satisfied with what you are and what you have achieved so far in life can you build on it further.
  4. Be a good problem solver, do not let your reasoning be clouded by irrational beliefs or imaginary fears.
  5. Set small goals for yourself. Think about what you would like to accomplish and then make a plan for doing it. Don’t make the goals impossible or else your not achieving them will lower your self esteem even more.


  • Make a list of things that you like about yourself and another about what you dislike.
  • See if you can make changes in yourself to remove the things that you do not like about yourself. If it is something that you cannot change (your height maybe) then try to love yourself the way you are.


  • Don’t think negative things about yourself, whenever you begin to do it stop and think about something that you do well.
  • Don’t drive yourself too hard. Let the positive changes happen gradually.