How to deserve your parents’ trust

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To Deserve Your Parents’ Trust requires hard work and perseverance and can only be earned through mutual trust. The basis of trust is founded on open communication lines between the parents and the children and this can be achieved through following some simple suggestions.

A few thumb rules

  1. Some children (especially teenagers) find it difficult to communicate with their parents. So the first step is to get over the feeling of not being able to communicate and get down to doing it. With communication comes trust.
  2. Apart from just communicating important things, become friends with your parents, share their life and yours with them. Help in the household chores and share opinions about things.
  3. Every relationship is built on the principle of give and take. If you want your parents to take you seriously and trust you, you have to begin by respecting and trusting them.
  4. Be comfortable with and around your parents. This will help them relax and trust you with more independence and decision making.
  5. Honesty is the best policy, hiding things from your parents does not inculcate trust.


  • Always tell your parent’s the truth, however hard it is to do. Lying leads to bigger lies and is the one sure way to make your parents lose their trust in you.
  • Be confident of yourself. If you believe that something is worth doing do it and prove to your parents that you are worth trusting.
  • Be positive in your attitude. It is one sure way of making your parents believe and trusting you.


  • Don’t believe in overnight miracles. Trusting takes time and if you have lost your parents’ trust it takes even longer to regain it.
  • Don’t overreact to things, it shows lack of maturity and does not make for trustworthy behavior.