How to decorate your house without going broke

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When the Christmas season comes around, everyone feels the need to decorate just a little bit more the guy next door.

What you need

  • Multi colored mini blinking lights
  • Miniature decorations
  • Village
  • Candy Canes
  • Boughs and wreaths

How to Decorate

  • Write down all the things that you will need so you do not end up going to the store and finding a bunch of cute things that you do not need!
  • Put the lighting on any high shelves and around the ceiling, the legs of the table(s) too. This looks nice, but not over powering.
  • Put the small lights on the sides of the tables and on shelves that are noticeable to your family and guests.
  • Place the tree in the room of your choice and do not forget the lights and the candy canes; for the kids.
  • If you put lights on the mantles then add some boughs on top of them, it brings out the rest of the lights on the tree.
  • It is good idea to put plenty of lights around ceilings or walls; you do not want it to look like more lighting is needed.
  • Using any type of icicle lights is great. This helps the house look great and it does not overdue the rest of the decorations.

A good store to look in would be Dollar stores. You can get a lot for your money and not feel like a cheapskate.

  • Set your village up in a place where it cannot be disturbed, but it can be seen. Make sure you have plenty of cotton underneath it to create the illusion of snow. Use a small cosmetic mirror to create the illusion of an iced over pond to ice-skaters. Finish it off by placing a strand of multi colored lights around the village.