How to deal with problems at home and outside

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To deal with problems at home and outside can become too much for a person if he/ she gives in to fear. Every person on this earth has had to deal with problems sometime or the other in their lives. Do you meet your problems head on with a straight back and an unflinching eye or do you buckle under the problems without trying? How you face your problems is more important than the problems themselves. Here are a few pointers to help you cope better.

A few suggestions

  1. Don’t keep things bottled up. If you are having problems either at home or at school then it is better to confide in someone. The problems may be more than what you can cope with by yourself and you need someone to guide you.
  2. Keeping things all to yourself also leads to stress and tension and other emotional problems.
  3. Problems at home can be dealt by confronting the person with whom you are having problems and talking with them reasonably to sort matters out. Alternatively, if you think that there is no solution to the issues that you face, you can join clubs or church groups to relieve your stress.
  4. Problems at school need to be treated upfront and immediately. You may be under a threat of abuse and not realize the danger. Such problems need to be told to concerned authorities and dealt with promptly.


  • Problems will not go away by brooding over them and getting angry at others. Not only will it not help it might estrange you from the few friends that you have.
  • Talk to your parents, befriend them and you will realize how small your problems and your fears become.


  • Don’t resort to drugs to overcome your problems, drugs are no help rather they will add to your present problems.
  • Don’t confront your enemy (other person) head on all by yourself. He/ she may have friends who may cause problems for you.