How to deal with people who outstay their welcome

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To Deal with People Who Outstay Their Welcome can be a very nasty task and one activity that nobody looks forward to taking on. Everyone likes to entertain and have guests in the house but the guests who outstay their welcome become more of a pain than pleasure. You need serious help to deal with such people and can follow these suggestions.

A few thumb rules

  1. You can set up the strategy even before the guests arrive at your doorstep. They can be told beforehand that you would be available only till a certain time or date. It is best to have such things clearly understood from the beginning.
  2. If the guests have already stayed too long it is best to tell them that it is time that they left. Remember it is their life versus yours and you would rather be happy with yours.
  3. Do not make things difficult for yourself by thinking of sparing their feelings. People such as your guests, more often than not have grown a thick skin and need a few clear words spoken to them to help them decide to leave you alone.
  4. While they are there in your home, allow them to help with the household chores like doing the dishes or taking care of the children. You will appreciate their presence more and they also might feel better about staying.


  • Keep your sense of humor. When things get a little out of hand don’t let go of your temper; it does not improve matters.
  • Make a list of house rules and put it up in a place where the houseguests can see and read it. The no smoking, no excessive drinking are rules that need to be put up front before situations begin unraveling.


  • Don’t allow your better sense (read good nature) to prevail and let house guests rule the roost. Extended family members and close family friends who come visiting during vacations are the single largest cause of stress during holidays; remember it is your health against their free entertainment.