How to deal with interpersonal conflict

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To deal with interpersonal conflict is very important in any relationship if it has to flourish, develop and last long. Dealing with it is paramount because a conflict that is ignored will lead to greater problems in the future. Rather than avoid the conflict it is always better to discuss the differences and arrive at some workable solution. The individuals who are involved in the conflict usually blame the other person for the differences and regard the situation as one in which one of them will win and the other lose. You can diffuse the situation with the help of the following guidelines.

A few suggestions

  1. Remember that conflict can be constructive and in most cases strengthen relationships. A big show down will usually clear the air and allow you to breathe better.
  2. If you are playing the role of the third party managing the conflict you need to create an atmosphere, an environment that is supportive to diffusing the conflict. You need to get the individuals to calm down and be ready to discuss the issues like two responsible adults.
  3. Be clear as to your role. Remember you are there only as a mediator and not as a problem buster. You can help the individuals come together and request them to be involved.
  4. If you are involved in a direct conflict situation then remember to avoid quick retorts and abusive language. You must guard your words or the situation would end up becoming worse than it already is.
  5. Keep in mind that for the situation to assume normality, both parties need to compromise and relent their stands


  • Before trying to resolve the issue out of hand, listen to each of the parties has to say and then form an opinion.
  • As the arbitrator it is your responsibility to keep things on an even keel and not allow them to spiral out of control.


  • Don’t lose patience. It has taken a long time for the conflict situation to rise so it is bound to take time to resolve.