How to create a link from the legend of Zelda costume

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Have you ever wanted to be a Link from the Legend of Zelda? Follow these simple steps that will help you look like one on Halloween. Why stop there? After you try these great, simple steps you will want to do these anytime.

What you need

  • Put on a weird looking nightcap but make sure that it is green.
  • Get a white, long-sleeved shirt with a collar.
  • Wear a green tunic on top of the white shirt, but make sure that you cannot see the white shirt.
  • Put on a rust colored belt that assures the green tunic is tucked in.
  • Wear tan wristbands around your wrists.
  • Put on a pair of beige gloves.
  • Find a clean pair of white pants and wear them.
  • If you in this situation are unfortunate and do not have blonde hair, then please wear a wig.
  • Get yourself a pair of elf ears and put them on, make sure that they are parallel to each other.
  • Put on some tan colored boots.
  • Get a fake sword and shield, depending on which link you are other weapons may be necessary.
  • You have completed your costume. Now go out there and protect Zelda!
  • Though you are trying to look like a link, you can still mix and match. You have the ability to wear brown pants and a white tunic.
  • Depending on what link you are trying to be, some of the items that are required might not be required.
  • Try to get some of your friends and family members to dress up with you so it looks like the Legend of Zelda has come to life. You can even fight with your fake swords and any other weapons for fun.