How to create a beautiful holiday wreath

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When visiting friends and family around the holidays, nothing is more inviting than a big holiday wreath hanging on the door.

The materials you will need

• A wreath of woven twigs- these can be purchased at any craft store • Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks to avoid running out in the middle of the project. • Holiday appropriate ribbon • A pair of sharp scissors • Baubles that you find in the craft store • Walnuts and almonds still in the shell, Acorns and other shelled nuts • Pine cones • Artificial Holly or Poinsettias and babies breath flowers • A big, well lit workspace. • Old newspaper or table cloth

Creating a holiday wreath

  • Spread the newspapers across the work surface and plug the hot glue gun in to make sure it is hot and ready to go.

Arrange all of the wreath décor in bowls around the table so that you have easy access to them and they are at your fingertips when you need them.

  • Place the wreath on the newspaper and begin attaching the decorations by using the hot glue gun. Make sure you use enough glue to secure the decorations adequately.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, making sure that the twigs show through in equal spaces.
  • Use the big pinecones first, spacing them evenly around the wreath.
  • Once the pinecones are attached, look at your wreath. Picture what you want your wreath to look like. Start attaching the nuts you have chosen on your wreath.
  • When you have finished adding the decorations and Baubles to your wreath it is time to add the finishing touches.
  • Take the flowers that you purchased at the craft store and start to weave the stems into the exposed twigs of the wreath. Make sure that you weave the stems as close to the wreath as possible. Babies Breath adds an air of elegance to any project.