How to cope with your partner’s anger

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To Cope with Your Partner’s Anger may not be a very difficult task if dealt with in a positive manner. Anger has been said to be one of the most poorly handled emotions in society and some of the common causes of anger may be frustration, hurt, annoyance, disappointment, harassment and threats. When anger turns to temper tantrums, especially in your partner there may be several ways of dealing with it.

A few thumb rules

  1. Stay calm, your getting emotionally charged will only worsen the situation.
  2. Count till ten and then try to talk slowly and softly to your partner without inciting him/ her any further.
  3. Tell them that they are angry; many times this helps in getting the person to cool down because this is the way most reasonable people react.
  4. If their anger shows no sign of abating, even after all this effort, then leave the house/ room and go out. It will definitely stop the situation from worsening.
  5. You can alternatively carry on doing what you were doing without reacting in any manner to their anger. Six times out of ten this will have the desired effect of calming them down once they find that there is no input from your end to feed their anger.


  • Stay calm and collected, you losing your temper in turn will definitely not help matters, only worsen them.
  • The best way to show that you will not put up with their temper tantrum is to remove yourself from their presence, for the time being. Remember to come back to it late when things are calm because, unresolved issues have a way of coming back to knife you when you are least expecting.


  • Don’t feed their anger. If you find that you are reacting to their anger by getting angry yourself, get out and come back only when you have your feelings in control.
  • Don’t laugh, it is like showing a red cloth to a bull, you may laugh together later after the situation has been diffused, but right then it acts like petrol feeding the fire.