How to cope with being alone

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To Cope with Being Alone is a challenge that has to be faced by most of us sometime or the other, in our lives. It is an accepted fact that we can feel lonely even in a crowd or be absolutely content just by ourselves – it is all a state of mind. There may be many reasons for feeling lonely, one may feel lonely when one is not a part of a group or event or there is no one with whom to share feelings and experiences and also when there is no one around who knows how miserable and alone you are and you end up feeling alienated. There are many ways to fight loneliness and some of them are enumerated below.

A few suggestions

  1. Don’t panic. There is nothing wrong with you. All of us, sometime or the other have felt lonely. Once you realize that you are lonely, try to use the time constructively, listen to your favorite music, or watch a movie or read a feel good book. If you spend the time self pitying, worrying about your loneliness your problems will seem larger than they are.
  2. Do not wait for things to happen to you, become proactive and take the initiative to talk to people, smile at people on the road, in office and talk to them. You will soon find your loneliness lifting.
  3. Just because you are alone and have nobody to share it with, is no excuse for not enjoying the things that you really like. Go to a concert or a movie or for a walk alone if you cannot find a companion.
  4. Find someone who also seems lonely. Go up and talk to them and you might just make a new friend.
  5. If you think that you are developing a problem find support groups or counseling services in your college or work place.


  • If you have religious faith then go to church, sometimes praying helps matters
  • Get involved in activities in campus (if in college) or in your locality serving at soup kitchens or with church groups.


  • Don’t give up after a short effort. Relationships and friendships take time to develop, and you may not always succeed with the first person that you try to be friendly with.
  • Don’t look for a perfect relationship or a romantic one either, just let the friendship develop naturally, in a relaxed manner.