How to convince your parents to let you have you ears pierced in several places

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To Convince Your Parents to Let You Have You Ears Pierced in Several Places is an uphill task but one that can be achieved with patience and perseverance. Your parents may be reluctant to begin with but they will come around after a while. This is how to convince them that what you want is not bizarre but the mode of the day.

A few suggestions

  1. Introduce the topic casually, over dinner or while talking shop. Just let it slip into the conversation but if you feel that there is a danger of your parents freaking out, drop it.
  2. Now that your parents are already of your ambition, you can reintroduce the topic at an opportune moment; when your mother is relating the incident of how the shop owner mistook her for someone much younger or when your father is happily watching his stock price hit an all time high.
  3. You can tell them that you were actually thinking in terms of a tongue ring but then had decided that you would settle for ear rings instead it will give them some food for thought and they might decide that compared to tongue ears are not too bad.
  4. Never compare yourself to others, for example don’t say that you want it because all your class mates have it; let them know that it is your decision one that you reached on your own accord.


  • Explain clearly why you want extra piercing. Tell them how it would suit you and how you wanted to experiment with new things.
  • Make a compromise and tell them that if it does not look good you will remove the extra earrings and allow the piercing to close.


  • Don’t get mad with your parents. Look at it from their point of view. They want to bring up a normal regular child and in their opinion a child who demands multiple piercings is neither regular nor normal.