How to convince your child to become a doctor when he/ she grows up

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To convince your child to become a doctor when he/ she grows up would be a difficult job if your child’s interest lies elsewhere. You cannot force a person against their wishes to take up a profession or a vocation that is against their nature. Parents in their zeal to be good parents and wanting the best for their children sometimes overreach. Good parents should gauge the interests of the child and guide the child towards what the child thinks it wants out of life. On the other hand if the child shows an inclination to be a doctor then by all means encourage it and guide it towards this noble profession. Here are some pointers to help you.

A few suggestions

  1. A child goes through a phase of wanting to be many things in its life before it finally knows its true calling. A parent’s duty is to listen to these various mind changes and encourage the child to be curious and explore life.
  2. If the child shows any inclination towards any particular talent, guide it to do well in that. Explain to the child that no profession is big or small but that whatever the child decides to do in its life it must do its best and with total dedication. Tell the child that he/ she must strive to be best in whatever it decides to take up as its career.
  3. Ask your child if it wants to become a doctor on growing up. If he/ she says yes then guide the child towards the goal with your best resources.
  4. If the child shows no inclination to pursue a medical career, do not take it to heart, instead guide your child to do what it wants to do in life.


  • Let your child find its own dreams and allow it to make its own choices.
  • When the child has made up its mind then support its choice and help the child realize its dreams.


  • Don’t overdo the guidance part. Too much pushing could backfire of you and a child that showed an inclination to follow a career in medicine on growing up could lose interest in it with too much interference.
  • Don’t burden your child with your dreams, let it follow its own.