How to confront a liar

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To confront a liar requires courage and nerve but lying is best dealt with firmness for the ultimate good of the liar. People lie for a number of reasons; the most common reason being fear. When someone wants to escape responsibility for their actions or they know that they have done something wrong, the easiest way out is to lie. To lie is morally wrong as well as being unfair to the person being lied to. If you know that a person is lying or that they are in the habit of lying, there are several ways of dealing with them. Some of them are enumerated below.

A few suggestions

  1. The correct way of dealing with a liar is to confront him/ her with it. Liars generally get caught with their lies if you persist long enough in digging up the roots of the lie.
  2. The best way to counteract a lie is to tell the truth. Lies generally cannot stand up to truth and if you stick to your truth the liar will be forced to retract his/ her lie sometime.
  3. Deal with the liar firmly and resolutely. Keep your voice down and don’t use severe words. Flying off the handle and losing your temper certainly won’t strengthen your case.
  4. Ask someone else to intervene, preferably an elder who can take an unbiased view of the whole matter. Older people can generally spot a liar and would support you and your truth.
  5. If it is a child that has lied, deal with it in a gentle manner because a child does not always know the difference between right and wrong and takes the shortest way out of a situation.


  • Speak the truth and hang on to it despite everything, you will eventually come out tops.


  • Don’t get angry at the liar. If the liar is a compulsive liar or it is a child then they will resort to lying even more to escape a scathing tongue.
  • Don’t lie yourself, to supplant the lie of the liar. It is the worst retaliation you could think of, something along the lines of cutting off your nose to spite your face.