How to command respect

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To Command Respect from others comes easily if first we are able to respect ourselves for what we are and what we do because respect comes from within an individual. A person does not have to be rich or famous or even intelligent to command respect from his peers, he has to earn it, among others things, by first respecting himself and then respecting others. Here are some ground rules to getting respect from others.

A few ground rules

  1. Respect cannot be bought with money or power but you can earn it through being honest; it also helps your personal growth.
  2. Being trustworthy and forgiving to yourself as well as to others is essential to earning respect.
  3. Have a positive attitude towards life and towards situations. Being optimistic helps not only ourselves but others who might need our help in their troubles.
  4. A truly great person is humble and does not take advantage of the weak and needy.
  5. To be well respected, become a role model. Set examples that others may follow and also adopt what others have set as good examples.
  6. Be sincere in your words and actions and practice what you preach. Don’t follow blindly if something goes against the grain of your philosophy, instead chart new paths and make individualistic decisions.


  • Remain calm and quiet in the face of argumentative people and you will find that people respect you more for it.
  • Be clean in your body, language and your surroundings; it will reflect in your behavior.


  • Don’t lose your temper in public. Try and talk your way reasonably out of situations that you may find yourself inadvertently embroiled in.
  • Don’t try too hard. Make the experience of learning something that you enjoy, not a punishment that has to be borne to be able to get what you want.