How to celebrate Valentines Day with your children

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Starting traditions and keeping them is very important to preserve families.

Create a tradition

Valentines day is special. When we teach our children when they are young, they will carry these traditions throughout their lives and pass them down to their children.

  • First, explain to your children the meaning of Valentines Day.
  • Decorate the most used room in the house with red and white lights. If you are really in the spirit, decorate the outside of your house also.
  • Take your children shopping, and have each one pick out a gift for a friend.
  • Make sure they respond with "Thank You, Happy Valentines Day" at all retail stores.
  • Plan a different event every day for the week of Valentines Day.

Children will love and remember this their entire lives.

  • When you shop for a gift mom or dad, have the children pick out the gift they would like to give. Mom and dad will not object to receiving more than one gift.

Choosing a gift for children

Choosing a gift for children can be challenging. You want to get them the traditional heart shaped box of chocolate, but you do not want the side effects of the chocolate.

  • You will be able to find in some stores boxes of chocolate that contain only four pieces of chocolate. Add a stuffed animal and a unique toy, and your children will be happy.
  • When you are buying a gift for your wife, a box of chocolates and a beautiful set of diamond earrings and a necklace will make her weep with joy.
  • When you are buying a gift for your husband, take into consideration his likes and choose the most fitting gift.


  • Take the children out for dinner on Valentines Day, make it a family event. Plan their dinner early, and make reservations at your favorite restaurant for a late night dinner for you and your wife.