How to begin life anew

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To Begin Life Anew may seem impossible initially but it helps to take each day as it comes and to make only short term plans. There may be many reasons for a person wishing to say goodbye to his/ her old life and to saying hello to a new one. They may be getting over a divorce, over a loved one’s death or even getting over being laid off from a job. To start from scratch may give rise to endless worries, depression and even cause panic but if the problem is tackled in a step by step, cool manner, things are bound to fall into place.

A few suggestions

  1. First you need to acknowledge the reality and the need to start over and accept it, only then can you begin to take steps to make the changes.
  2. Next you need to isolate the factor responsible for the upheaval and take care that you do not make the same mistake again in your new life.
  3. Do not become a recluse, go out meet people and get going. There comes a time in most people’s life when they need to start from scratch and just because it has happened to you should not be any reason for you to give up living.
  4. Read self help books and, if required, get professional help.
  5. Get that degree that you have always wanted, enroll in a night school or join college.


  • Keep your spirits up and learn to look at the bright side of life. Always remember that you are blessed in that God has given you another chance at life; do not throw it away.
  • Go out and attend parties and enjoy yourself and if you feel happy do not allow yourself to beget pangs of guilt; you are answerable to nobody but yourself.


  • Do not be depressed if things don’t seem to fall in place right away. Remember the longer a thing takes to build, the longer it will last.