How to become a wonderful husband

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To Become a Wonderful Husband is something that most men aspire to when they get married to the girl of their dreams. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about how to become a good husband and if you follow your heart and your instincts then you should not do too badly. Becoming better partners to your wives not only keeps your marriage fresh, it also makes all the other wives envy your wife and wish that their husbands were half as caring. Here are some tips to becoming a great husband.

A few thumb rules

  1. Learn to empathize with your wife. It does not mean that you always agree with her views and ideas, just that you lend an attentive ear and try to listen without judging.
  2. Be man enough to accept yourself with all your good points as well as all your flaws and encourage your wife to do the same. Have the maturity to accept your faults and seek professional help if required.
  3. Be there. Support your wife in all her issues, her stands and her problems. Take pride in her achievements and share her interests. She will be proud to have you for her husband.
  4. All your family and its members come after your wife. Treat her as the most important person in your life.
  5. Give her your unconditional love and support. She has nobody but you to call her absolutely her own in the world, don’t let her down.


  • Greet your wife with a smile and a kiss when you see her at the end of the day, there is nothing that can replace this closeness.
  • Take care to be physically attractive to her, just because you have been married to her for fifteen years does not mean that she does not take pride in your appearance.


  • Don’t forget to make her feel that you still find her sexy and physically attractive.
  • Don’t have unreasonable expectations from her and never criticize your wife in public.