How to be the perfect hostess

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To be the perfect hostess is quite simple once you learn the basics of hosting a dinner party or just a get together. You must have been to some parties where everything just seems to flow, the conversation, the wine and the fun. Then again there are others where people hang around feeling unwanted, there are uncomfortable silences and the food is uninspiring. Clearly the first kind of party had been planned by a consummate hostess and the second one by an indifferent one. Here are some tips on how to become the perfect hostess.

A few suggestions

  1. Plan for the party well in advance to not get caught by last minute details. Make lists for everything, guest list, menu, seating, things to buy, when to make what etc.
  2. Start preparing the food at least a day or two in advance so that if something does not turn out the way you want it to, you have the time to substitute. Then again if you leave all the cooking for the last minute you will get unnecessarily stressed and the food will not turn out the way it should.
  3. Introduce people to each other and tell something about them as you do to serve as an ice breaker. See that people are not just standing around but mixing with each other and talking.
  4. Keep little bowls of finger food in strategic places in different rooms so that people can nibble wherever they are.
  5. Play light music in the background; soft enough to create a mood but not loud enough to interfere with the conversation.
  6. Think of some good party games well in advance which will involve everyone. Games like Dumb Charades are always a hit.


  • Try and not make a new recipe for a party or you might end up with a disaster.
  • If anything goes wrong, don’t sweat, there are hundreds of other good things to make the party a hit.


  • Don’t invite people who do not get along, together to a party.
  • Don’t force anything, let the conversation, the mood flow naturally and take its own course.