How to be creative and do what you like best

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To Be creative and do what you like best is not very easy because it means going against the grains of social norms, against people’s expectations and even against what you yourself have been schooled to do all your life. The more individualistic your idea the less advice people will be able to give you but don’t let that deter you into hanging up your crayons and your coloring book. This is one thing that all creative people have in common, they do not rein themselves in and they do not give up their dreams easily. Here are some pointers to how to reawaken your sleeping creative instincts.

A few suggestions

  1. Always be true to yourself, this will only happen if you are absolutely at peace with what and who you are and not fighting an internal battle and struggling to change.
  2. Believe in yourself and your instincts. Give them a chance and give in to your desire of doing what you want to do but are not sure how it will be received.
  3. Do things that you want to do because you like to do them and not because it is the ‘in thing’. Do not hang out with the punk crowd just because you want to belong, hang out with your family instead if that is what you really enjoy doing.
  4. Wear clothes because they do something for you and not because they are different or because you want to appear different. In fact in this race of trying to look different, wearing everyday normal clothes will probably make you look unique
  5. You only live once, do not waste it doing nothing or in living it on somebody else’s terms.


  • Think positive and stay upbeat, this would make you smile which is essential to feeling good.
  • Give in to your desire of doing something by going ahead and putting time, effort and stamina in doing it and not just think and talk about it.


  • Don’t worry too much about your talent and inspiration; quit looking for it and it will come to you.
  • Be yourself. Don't conform, especially when conformity means giving up some important part of who you are as a person.