How to be a hockey fan

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There are increasing numbers of people who are interested in how to become a hockey fan. A very physical game that challenges the player, this is a fan’s sport.


  1. Find the nearest league team to you area. This will be your home team (Though you can support anybody you want to, really).
  2. Teach yourself the rules. You might not need to know the rules as a fan, but it will make understanding the game a lot easier in the long run. It will also make talking to other fans a lot easier.
  3. Get a schedule. You will probably be able to get one from your home team. You can keep then in your office, or at home.
  4. Practice by watching a few games. You should be able to get some games on a standard TV, and satellite channels will show you hockey on a regular basis.
  5. Join a fan group. Meet others who are fans of the same team, either in person or in online forums.
  6. Go to a few games. For your first Hockey experience, purchase a cheaper seat. Buy a team jersey. Some fans get their jerseys with a favourite player’s numbers. They may cost a lot, but they will last a long time.
  7. Repeat. You can buy season tickets, and meet up with friends for a drink before the match, and hang around after and ask for autographs.


  1. Support your team, no matter what. Even if they have a few poor games, give them your loyalty.
  2. When sitting lower down in the stands, be aware that the pucks fly out of the field. People have been injured by pucks flying into the crowd, so beware.
  3. Most hockey fields are family-friendly, so swearing, drunkenness and other bad behaviour may be overhead by children, and disapproving parents.