How to allow controlled nudity at home

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To Allow Controlled Nudity at Home can be a very risky business and has to be undertaken with a lot of care and understanding. It is like walking on a balancing beam and the consequences of overdoing things can be disastrous. Children of today are exposed to different kinds of nudity, on television, in magazines and even around them. Here are a few suggestions if you want them to take things in the correct perspective.

A few suggestions

  1. Nudity may be practiced in the family without the members going overboard. It can be made normal and natural because that is how children understand nudity themselves. The parents can allow young children to be nude at home, whenever circumstances permit (you should not be have house guest at the time)
  2. The ideal time to start is during potty training the toddlers. In fact potty training is more easily understood if the baby is allowed to roam around without clothes. There are fewer ‘accidents’ and the baby learns faster.
  3. Have children share rooms so that they are comfortable around each other and if they are of the opposite sex this allows appreciation for physiological and other differences. Sharing a bedroom with a sibling also minimizes isolation during a developmental stage.
  4. Having an indoor swimming pool is also a good way of introducing normal, natural nudity in the family.


  • Make it natural. Let the child see you in regular nude conditions like bathing, dressing or using the toilet.
  • Be comfortable with your own body and this will teach your children to be comfortable with theirs.


  • Don’t make too much out of the whole issue. Taking it naturally will allow the children to treat it in the same manner.
  • Don’t share this family practice with everybody since not everybody holds the same views and you might raise eyebrows.
  • Don’t go overboard with the practice. Marital intimacy is not something that children need to know about.